Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Round 2 has begun and I hit the ground running this morning off to a PT session with the beautiful Elise. It was HECTIC and I learnt today that 1. Elise is not a pushover and 2. I can actually do much more than I thought and 3. If I focus and get into 'the zone" I can push through even when I think I will die. lol

After and hour and a half session I am exhausted! I think tomorrow I will feel the pain and thats a good thing. Some of the stuff we did made my butt burn like never felt before - its gonna HURT tomorrow - thats for sure!

I had the yummy Quinoi & Banana breakfast - seriously YUMMY. I just loved it to bits, will defo do again!

Right now its off to housework and the usual prep for lunch & dinner - all Mish Bridges inspired & super healthy - I LOVE IT!

Wishing you'all the best start to this challenge - not only the best start but that you would finish stronger than before - thats my aim anyhow!