Monday, April 4, 2011

Love that this is now normal :-)

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all fitter & healthier than the last time you read one of my blogs (hmm, I am not sure that anyone is even reading this - hmmm, ok, Tarryn, if you are re-reading this anytime after the 4th April I hope you are much lighter than that date - lol).

Things have been very busy in my household with a hubby that leaves at 7am and gets back at 7pm every night, a 5 year old in Prep with a Broken Collarbone and getting ready to go see family overseas. I have been fitting everything in very nicely, eating the 12wbt food & exercising daily (sometimes multiple times a day) is now normal in my life and I have gone through the exciting honeymoon stage, through the week 3 & 4 pushing through phase and now I am definitely in the "this is normal life" stage. It is absolutely brilliant. Of course I still plan my week ahead with Mish's menus & slot my gym sessions in (actually they are already in my iphone until next year -- I just adjust if I need to based on doctors appointments etc). I feel that I am now able to give my attention & focus on some other areas of my life that need pruning, and because the first few weeks I focussed on putting good habits into place (weekly planning & shopping etc), those new habits are now my normal life and require less brain power in a sense. I am starting to think wow, this is so do-able long term as the "intense-ness" has lessened if that makes sense? Its not that I am any less focused, quite the contrary, I think it has just become easier as the new habits are no longer new they are just normal. I love it.

People at the gym have been stopping me  A LOT lately saying how much weight I have lost, boy, what an encouragement! I am fitting into a heap of pants I couldn't 2 months ago and am actually not able to wear other pants for fear they fall down when I am doing my shopping leaving me in my undies - lol! Its a brilliant problem to have I must admit!

In a weeks time my family & I will jet off to RSA and I am stocking up on mountain bread to take with and getting a pre-shop delivered / ordered via my mum in law. As we will be en-route when the next weeks meal plans are released I am taking some favourites with me to cook up when I get there rather than arriving jet-lagged from a 30 hour journey (gotta love stop-overs!) and caving in to eat anything. The family is being very supportive and I appreciate them so much for this.

Not much other news this week, other than the question of why on earth I become so very anxious about weigh in's. I think I have mentioned this before, each week I become so terribly anxious for Wednesday's weigh in and really, its quite ridiculous as I have not once strayed off the program or cheated in any way - I haven't needed to as Mish's program & meals really fill me up, so I haven't needed to cheat or binge and seeing as I havent do so for over 8 weeks now it seems like madness to become so worried about the scale each week. Silly hey?

Well team I best be off and do my chores. I hope you are all having super slim weeks with lots of high heart rates & healthy nibbles!

Till next time
Au Revoir. 

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