Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Red Flag Navigated & all on track!


I know, that is shouting in the online world - I cant help it - I am PUMPED! Another 1.2kgs down which brings me to 5kgs since we started and 7kgs since Pre-Season started. I am very happy with that result, yet, and I wonder who else has these thoughts, I still wish it would all happen a bit quicker - know what I mean?

Since I last blogged I have attended 6 classes and gone mental in them all. Today in the first of 2 classes 2 of my fellow Gym peeps (both skinny malinkis) were ooing & aaing over me at how much weight I have lost. YAY me! I was so stoked! It made me work even harder. Tomorrow at our gym is there Open Day / Launch Day - all new Les Mills programs / tracks and they are having giveaway's and fun at the gym. Instead of only doing my usual Body Balance class (remember - the one where I wobble a lot!) I will also do the body combat tomorrow night - we have been warned it is a tough one!

This weekend was my gorgeous hubby's birthday - we navigated past all the possible temptations and proud to say we didn't do anything we shouldn't have :-) He is also eating very well since I started and has lost a heap of weight too. I think he is still gobsmacked that to loose weight he had to eat more!

3 weeks to go until my major Red Flag - 3 and 1/2 weeks overseas visiting my family & attending my sisters wedding! Everyone is fully behind my eating plan & weight loss and my sis in law even said I am welcome to do an online shop and get it delivered to her house for when we land. My sister who is getting married said I can just give her a list of what to buy & she will get it for us. Now that is support!

Right now I am off but wishing you a superb week of living life to the full - full of healthy food & healthy exercise!

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