Monday, March 14, 2011

Desperate DOMS Sufferer!

Hey there to one & all

Its been a few days since my last post but I have been plugging on I am happy to report. I did a 6am PUMP class on Friday which was a shock to the system having to be up so early! It was actually great getting the exercise done so very early - freed me up for a commitment for my daughter. It also allowed me time for a big housework session and a lovely dinner (Michelle Bridges Pizza) at our home with good friends.  

Saturday I had a great Super session - a boxing class followed by a Body Attack class. It was a very demanding work out! I was exhausted and had a good afternoon nap while my darling daughter and hubby went for a bike ride. Sunday morning my daughter fell off the bed - after 3 hours at ER the diagnosis was confirmed - a broken collar bone. Poor girlie! We still managed to get our grocery shop in and choc mint ice cream for the injured one. Of course I refrained and didn't even take a whiff of the said ice cream! 

I decided to take advantage of the public holiday and while my gorgeous hubby & daughter played games & lazed on the couch I shot off to gym! I did a 40 minute cycle on level 5 - I am seeing that each time I try, I am able to push myself further and it is doing wonders for my self confidence. I then did a body combat class and let my inner warrior go crazy. It was fun and I was pleased with the calorie burn for the day!

I am absolutely finished now. My muscles are literally crying! I am aching all over - I think those weird push-ups we did this morning (circular push-ups??) may have had something to do with it? My arms, shoulders, chest - on fire!! The exercise today with the boxing on Saturday has given me a serious case of DOMS. Hope it settles down as tomorrow is PUMP. Argggggg

Something strange I mentioned to a friend yesterday, is that I am becoming increasingly anxious as it gets closer to weigh in Wednesday. Last week I felt so very anxious about weighing in that Wednesday (I ended up loosing 1.3kgs) and I am already feeling so very anxious about this Wednesday's weigh in. Its really strange, as I am 100% on track with my nutrition, I am doing more exercise than I "need" to, so I know I am doing everything right. Why am I getting so anxious and how do stop myself from feeling this way? mmmmm????

I hope you are all well and reaching your goals for the week. I wish you the best for your weigh-in on Wednesday!

Bless ya
TazzaP - Tarryn

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  1. Tarryn you are doing so well! Good on you! 6am Pump would have been a shock to the system!!!!

    You are going to do great this Wednesday. Keep it up!

    Bless ya!
    Shell - Michelle xx