Friday, March 18, 2011

Note to self!

Hello all you good looking people :-)

Here we are the end of another week and we have almost completed 4 full weeks on this program. We are machines!

I have been all over the program making sure I am doing everything spot on. Seriously - takes lots of work, planning & organising - but the results, oh the results are SO worth it! One of the ladies in a group I am part of - Sez posted a note on Facebook saying she had been able to wear a pair of pants she couldnt. A week ago I had tried on alll my size 12 pants. I could get them up but not zipped or if zipped waayyyy to tight, after reading Sarah's post I decided to try them all on again! And success - one of my favourite pairs of Jeep Camo pants in a size 12 fit! And they actually dont look bad - not too tight! A few of the others also fitted much better than a week ago but still a little too tight for comfortable wear and without covering my butt with a long top - lol! Anyway I am just stoked & so inspired to keep going!

On this note, I have met, through Michelle Bridges 12WBT some of the most kind, encouraging, hilarious and crazy ladies. I feel so encouraged every time I log in and get all these facebook updates and messages. What a brilliant bunch of encouraging people. I love that there is no competition at all  - just encouragement for each other, support & advice & inspiration and the allowance for one's occasional melt-downs. How stunning! Love you all heaps!

Ok, so I went to Boxing last night - they call it THUMP at my gym. I learnt two very important things last night. Note to self - big time! Firstly I paired up with one of the guys that is always there when I go - it was him or the brand new teenee weenee petit lady who had come for the first time. Before I could think I paired up with the guy thinking I would probably get a better workout - at least his resistance when he holds the pads would be strong etc. I was right. He was great when I boxed and he even corrected my technique as we went - bit of a win situation right? Right. Until it was his turn to punch, kick, etc. OH MY WORD. He was so strong - so much so that the sweat dripped off me when I was holding the pads and he was punching. Note to self - sometimes the small petit newbie is a better option. With the boxing then the running in-between then the  push ups then the pad holding, I wanted to faint, I couldn't breath, I wanted to run away. I didn't (of course!) I plugged away and worked hard. So that was my first note to self - be careful how you choose - you will have to step up to the plate if you choose the harder option! My second note to self was not to underestimate people. There was an old lady in the class, and I found out today from the instructor she is 75. Yes, you read right - 75 in a boxing class. At one point in the class we were rotating partners and had to do some side hooks. It was time for her to partner up with me, so I thought "okay now Tarryn this is an old lady, brittle bones, be kind, have mercy on the lady". After the first set - she told me off for not resisting hard enough and when I did resist harder she went mental and was actually really really strong. Another important note to self - watch out for older grannies - don't tick them off they could be doing 3 boxing classes a week!

Today I have completed a delightful cycle session and then PUMP. I am feeling strong and exausted at the same time. I know I am not alone - all your hardcore gals (and maybe guys) are also sweating it away in the gym & cooking & eating healthy food. I do love your work. Good job. Well done.

Now I am off to burn some cals cleaning house (again).

And oh yes - the exciting news got new boxing gloves ready for my boxing class tomorrow. And yes. They are pink. But I promise I wont fight like a girl!

More power to ya!

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