Monday, March 7, 2011

Grounded this weekend but back on it today!

Well friends - last thursday's Body Balance class was not good for my knee, or rather I should say I must have done some of the moves incorrectly and set my knee off again. By thursday night I was in quite a lot of pain - made me quite tearful - because it was sore and because I didnt want it to affect my training :-( I went to Body Pump the next morning but took my weights down for the session and went straight to physio afterwards. Physio was painful! Yikes! He massaged the knee, he pushed, he pulled, he put his electro therapy machine on me (OUCH) and then, to add insult to injury he grounded me for the weekend! I was gutted, but I also knew that he was right - I had to take weight off the leg and let it heal a bit. So we took a nice drive down to Torquay on Saturday and spent the day at the park, Chaeli-Jade having a pony ride and close to the beach. Sunday We spent getting our groceries for this weeks healthy eating! Boy I love doing this as a family!

Today, I am so pleased to report that I did a spinning class this morning and burnt off 650calories. I am going to Body Combat tonight so should burn off another handsome number later on.

I am overly EXCITED, eXcItEd EXCITED that we will be travelling to South Africa to see our family & attend my sisters wedding. It is even more motivation to keep working hard towards my goals. This week I tried on some of my "thinner" pants - and actually fit into one of them! The other size 12's I can get on but not the zips up :-( BUT I am nearly there. WOOOOT WOOOOT!

Right now I am off to prepare healthy dinner - Mish's Caramelized Pork - sounds YUMMY and get sorted for the busy afternoon ahead of me.

Wishing y'all well and see ya tomorrow!

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