Thursday, March 3, 2011

Grrr. I will train harder then. HA!

Yooohoooo my fellow workout addicts!

So, yesterday, - da da da dum - weigh in Wednesday. It did NOT go down well in my house. Grumpy came out BIG TIME! Those jolly scales had me loosing only 800grams! HA! I felt slightly (but only very slightly) better when it coincided with that time of the month. I threw my mini tantrum, got my exercise gear on and went mental in boxing class and then cycle. So there! And I iced it off with some more cycling later in the afternoon when I took my gorgeous girly to "kidzfit" at the gym. She adored the kidsfit - especially the running she said! Go babe.

As for the scales, next week we will talk again. Until then I will show no mercy, train like my life depends on it and eat delicious food from Michelle's meal plans.

One thing that has caught me by surprise is this cold weather we are having in Melbourne - it brings up 2 issues. 1. I need more exercise gear & hoodies etc. 2. My Raynauds has been going mental and I have had to stop one of the medications as you cant have it in your system if you are trying to fall pregnant / are pregnant. Its painful and annoying. I am thinking of inventing self warm up gloves with heating pads for my fingers!

Enough of the drama, lol. One thing I am so very grateful for is that this is becoming a way of life & feels so normal & so good. For me, its been a family thing - my hubby & daughter eat what I eat (with a few changes here or there for them), we stand around the kitchen cooking & chatting together. Its special & precious. 

My exciting, EXCITING, ExCiTiNg news is that I am going to be flying home on mid April to see my family in South Africa and be a bridesmaid for my sisters wedding. WOOHOOO! I know, I know it is mid program - fear not, I have already made contact with a gym for a temporary membership, I will do an online shop & get the food delivered to my mum in law - ready for when we arrive. I am even more excited about the fact that I have developed this new control in my life that allows me to be assertive & take control & accountability for what happens. Actually, it makes me feel more adult in that I decide & am in control and not at the mercy of family members or my weak self-control as to what I eat etc. It also helps that my hubby is 150% onboard with me - he loosing weight along with me (and he is worried I overtake him - lol). 

Well you ever slimming ones, I must be off to my body balance class and THUMP class later tonight.

May you eat well, exercise hard & go down another notch on yer belt ;-)


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