Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sometimes you just have to nod your head & carry on...

Hey y'all

Hope you have had a smashing week busting up calories, eating YUMMO MishBridges inspired food and enjoying life. I seriously don't quite know how I quite got to it being Thursday and me not having done a blog. Hmmm, been busy I guess. Gym, home, eat sleep, gym, home, eat sleep etc

This week I have done double classes on Monday - Rpm/ cycle & Body Combat, Tuesday - Cycling (by myself), Pump & Fat Burner. The pump instructor told me not to do more than 1 class that 1 is enough a day. I smiled, nodded my head and lined up for the next class :-) I am DDDDDDetermined, I shall loose weight, I shall be healthy, I shall exercise as much as it takes to get there. End of story! Wednesday I enjoyed a lush treatment at Latouf in Doncaster getting my hair done. Jackie you are AWESOME. Love that hairdressers work! To make up for my spoil I did a 40 minute cycle that afternoon followed by my first Body Attack class. Sweet Mercy - I have no co-ords! I reckon the gym has had to take out extra insurance because of me - seriously! They go left I go right they do this square change direction manouver I end up facing the wrong way. Bless the instructor who encouraged me A LOT with things like " nevermind just keep yourself moving" and the occasional " this is another option". I needed those "other options" a lot due to my knee and my inability to work out what they were all doing. Double blessto the instructor - the guy has heart! It was fast & fun and I zipped through calories so no complaints! Today I pushed myself, usually if I try do anything outside a class by myself I cant seem to push through - I let myself off the hook if u know what I mean, but today I went early to gym, set the bike up for 1/2 an hours cycle and I would NOT let myself stop. I am pleased. Then I breezed into Body Balance and while everyone else balanced I did more of a Body Wobble. Still, I think I am getting better at it ;-)

In 5 weeks time - 9 weeks into the program I fly to South Africa for my sisters wedding and to see family I haven't seen for 3 years (!!!!). I can't wait! I have arranged a temp gym membership, have looked into online shopping to get it delivered to my Mum in law and have even found out about going to the gym on our layover in Singapore. I am impressed with myself. I am a-changing!

As far as weight is concerned I can see MAJOR changes in my body - it is awesome! I cant wait to weigh in next week and the next! I feel empowered and in control and strong and able. I thank God for the beautiful giftings in Michelle Bridges who is an enabler and encourager and a straight talker. She is changing a nation I reckon! GO MICHELLE BRIDGES!!

Ok, now off to eat that Yummy Lasagne (Thanks Nats!). Seriously, it is so YUM. Cant wait!

Love & wishes for lots of good things for everyone this week!


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