Monday, February 28, 2011

Not Super Size me just Super Sized Sessions!

Hey all!

I have been getting a bit slack with blogging - sheesh! My only excuse is that I have been training hard & cooking & eating well! The planning, cooking, eating story takes a lot of time hey? I have also had to have a few hours here & there sleeping and letting my body recover. I am taking all my medications and when I eat healthy I reckon that is medication itself! 

Friday I did my usual Body Pump class (500cals) and upped the weights on some of the tracks - I could feel it on Saturday morning when I got up to go to my Thump Class! It was a killer class and I just pushed and punched and gave it everything. We were partnered up and the poor lady who got me was a first timer. Unfortunately for her I showed no mercy and really pushed myself past the limits. I got a bit dizzy at one point when my heart rate got up to 185 so I just slowed down a little and then I felt fine. I burned up 700 cals with the Boxing class (they call it THUMP) and then we did a family bike ride - 12km's I think and it gobbled up 744 calories. I was absolutely knackered! The champion of the day though is my 5 year old - who pumped her legs on her own bike up & down the hills the whole way. She is an absolute trooper! She was also very hungry all day afterwards & the next day! This little run down brings me back to my point, since I joined Michelle's 12wbt challenge, my husband has started eating what I eat & lost 3kgs and we are doing healthy family things like bike rides! It just feels good to know we are out & about exercising our bodies, taking our lunches & snacks with us and avoiding the golden M and its counterparts!

I feel as if a whole new world is opening up and its outdoors and exciting not on the couch watching reruns!

I wish all my fellow 12wbt peeps a superb week of brilliant Michelle Bridges inspired cuisine & lots of sweaty work outs. LETS ROCK THIS THING!


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