Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A day to Conquer

Today I woke up and felt "pretty" - isn't that wierd? Most days I wake up feeling very ordinary and bleh. But today was different. Does anyone else ever wake up after doing a few days of training and suddenly feel a bit better about themselves? Fast Forward about 30 minutes when I have made lunches, got girlie ready for school, blah blah.. and I find myself on the scale for Wednesday Weigh in. To my horror I am the same weight i was 3 days ago despite heroic effort @ gym, and then I feel panicky that maybe I wont ever loose the weight despite hard work at the gym & in the kitchen.

My word! Talk about Emotional rollercoaster - I reckon that has to be my and maybe some other woman out there's worst enemy - the emotional ups & downs that can make or break our day or diet ;-)

So, today as I brave the school mum crowd (3/4 of which are skinny & sexy lexy) I have decided in my head that I am indeed prettier today, that my organs are looking a spot better for that healthy nutrition I have been eating and that my muscles are trembling with fear (in a good way) about the fury I shall unleash on em later. I will remind myself constantly of our Darling Michelle Bridges and how she is setting the bar high for us but good exercise & nutrition are achievable - I can picture her now screaming at me "are you giving up" and then my reply no way (in fear of more push ups lol). Michelle you motivate me in a healthy way!

So, I have decided that I shall put hand cream on twice today too - just so my hands also feel pretty tomorrow. I shall gym hard today - so I feel a bit less wobbly tomorrow and I shall say a prayer for my fellow 12wbt friends.

To all my fellow weight loss peeps, watch out the calorie enemy is lurking - keep our code & commitments and lets see each other on the other side of today with the day conquered!

I salute you!

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