Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thoughts & Prayers with NZ and our NZ 12WBT family

It has been a crazy day marred with pain & destruction for our NZ friends. So so shocking. Glad I was able to hear from some of them and they are safe. Our prayers are with you, your families and NZ as you work to save those trapped and begin clean up. This is a short post today in respect of our special NZ friends - our hearts and prayers are with you and we are praying for the people still stuck awaiting rescue.

It has been a busy 2 days in my house, did my Body Pump Yesterday and the instructor is seriously quite definitely insane. I have never seen someone move like that - and seriously she is ripped! Today I did 20 minutes of cycling then a Pump class and then a Fat Burner class. Now quite frankly I am finished!! I do feel good, but fatigued and hope to sleep well tonight.

Special prayers for all in NZ. God be with you. xxxx

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