Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I have crossed over to the "other" side

Well, I have been enrolled since 1st Feb and in these few days I have literally crossed over to the "other" side. Now, to be clear, The "other side" was made up of people who I would see running On Saturday mornings (mental I would say), of people who exercised because they enjoyed it (surely they lied??), of people who had exercise as part of their day just like sleeping and facebook (lol).

And today friends, today, I crossed over. It started out innocently enough, off I toddled to my pump class (seriously that instructor shows no mercy & pushes you beyond what you think you can do - possibly related to Michelle ;-) - a compliment Michelle if you are reading ;-) Pump class was full on, increased my weights & was stoked with my effort. And then she said it. The instructor I mean, " if you are interested stick around for a fat burning class". I reckon if one took a picture of me at that exact moment it would be a case of the deer eyes in the camera flash moment - do I run or do I pray the earth swallows me up. But no, no, I didn't, I said, "Ok" - trembly voice, nervous giggle, slight shaking of the hands!. I thought to myself " I will do some of the class and then leave" - I mean I already did a class so this is just like icing - no need to overdo things. But once we got started and I saw calories flying off the charts on my HRM I was like "hell no, I am here to stay", besides, even if I wanted to leave I wouldn't have had a chance, that instructor was all over me, correcting technique, encouraging me along - how could I let that dear dear lady down;-) lol. SO for me, I think I have crossed over - mentally - I took a risk (made sure I had a backout plan - lol) and then actually followed through. I am surprised. I am impressed. I am absolutely postively spectaculary exausted. Seriously. Finished. I shall sleep well tonight!

I am loving this journey, Michelle Bridges and her encouragement gift have helped me believe in me. I am taking way out of my comfort zone risks and I am doing more than I ever thought possible. I am actually starting to believe that this quite possibly might happen - loose all the weight I mean, and that dear friends is a breakthrough in itself.

I am pretty speechless. What can I say but to encourage you to take a risk and pretty please keep reminding me to take em.

May the Michelle force be with y'all ;-)

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  1. Welcome to the "dark side"!!!!! Looking forward to following along with your journey!!