Friday, February 11, 2011

Feeling Positive - That diary is looking pretty busy!

Hey friends!

Well, I have been to gym - got there early so pulled a "Sarah and Amber" and did some training on the elliptical trainer before my pump class and then did the pump, added more weights on from last time and pushed it to the MAX.What a feeling! Plus I made myself stand up front so I couldnt stop - see I know myself...

I also sat down and did my task #7. Sheesh! My diary is pretty darn full now and I love it! Not much time to be lurking around looking for something to eat. I am even planing ahead - travelling to South Africa for 3 weeks April / early May for my beautiful sisters wedding - I have already gotten her to get details about casual gym membership for when I am there. I am going to have to have my game on when I go as there will be PLENTY temptation but I know I can do this - I am feeling in control, so if I plan ahead, book in at gym for my time there, get groceries organised instead of leaving it to the family (disastrous idea - we have an italian chef in the family!!) I should be good PLUS I have massive support from hubby and from y'all.

Right now its off to clean up after that epic workout - wishing you lots of fun & fitness over the weekend.

May Michelle's force be with you

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