Monday, February 14, 2011

My oh my hasn't there been a BIG change here

Howdee Doodee everyone.

I am super ecstatic, happy and joyfull all at once. This is not normal. I mean I am normally a happy person and all but it's the reason for my happiness which isn't normal. Today I went to see the physio because of my knee, turns out that because of the removal of most of the meniscus (and not enough exercise afterwards to strengthen the muscles) the muscle on the inside of my knee is almost non existent and the muscles on the outer side of my knee moving up the thigh have been overcompensating for years and the knee cap is out of postition blah blah. The great news is I can do exercise to fix it so that the knee cap etc go back where they belong and so I don't have the same problem again. The great exciting news is that I CAN TRAIN. Oh my goodness, I can't believe I am excited about being able to train and happy even. Its all new to me. Before I would have taken any excuse not to train! This people, is in a category very very verrrrry nearly in the category of miracles. Not quite, but very close. Very very close. I kid you not.

I am actually quite speechless that in such a short time your mind can change and your desires can change. Its quite astounding. I don't think this will be the last time I am astounded on this journey - but geez louise I am amazed. 

I am off to body combat tonight when hubby gets home. 

Wishing my fellow sweaty exercise friends a super calorie burning, healthy eating day.

Signing out
Little Miss Happy

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