Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My PT & Coach & Amazing friend Jenny.. what she makes me do!!

So, I have this friend, very very very very good friend who also happens to be a PT and also happens to have taken me (the exercising fledgling) under her wing. She is one tough cookie.

I just want to say, it is really helping me having someone who is passionate about nutrition and exercise and health in my corner. I also made the dumb (clever) mistake of asking her if I could be accountable to her. She asks some hard questions - her & Michelle would get on like a house on fire! They would have me running laps around the fire they started (and I probably deserve that!)

After I had done my list of excuses in the pre-season tasks, I emailed them to her before I had a chance to think not too - scary times! Now she has every excuse of mine and won't take one of them. I have been busted big time!

I feel as if putting building blocks into my life ie - getting to gym, taking instruction & direction about exercise, signing up to Michelle's 12WBT (i keep calling it the wrong thing - jolly!) are helping save me from myself. I wonder if anyone else also feels they need saving from themselves? If you do - quick, email someone or some people your excuses list, don't think about it just do it! Its scary but exciting all at once..

Now to conquer this day & finish cleaning so I can get to my exercise... I have to find a strategy for procrastinating tooo... hmmmm tips welcome.

Fight the good Fit Fight today friends!

Jenny Viljoen - coach and friend - I salute you!

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