Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super steps on the slimming super highway!

Hello my calorie burning friends :-)

This weekend my knee was playing up - it has been twitchy since my first Body Combat class on Monday but Friday afternoon it all "locked up" and I was walking all funny. On Saturday I couldn't do any cardio but did my Arm Weight DVD & my Ab DVD and today I took as a rest day. It is actually better than yesterday but I am going to see a physio tomorrow to work out what the story is. I have had 75% of the meniscus removed from this knee so I am praying its nothing to do with that and maybe just some strain from the full on exercising! I was pretty hard core this week - even if I say so myself ;-)

Dodgy knee and all, Hubby & I went to buy Mish's Crunch time / cookbook combo at Big W - seriously what a winner price seeing as the individual books are so much more expensive. We got the last one on the shelf - me thinks you guys n gals have all been out there buying the books up in BIG W;-) Sheesh, great job there was 1 to spare - good on ya!

Well, I am not sure if this is happening in your family - but something BIG and GREAT and AMAZING is happening in mine! My gorgeous darling hubby is 100% on board with me and he is reading Mish's book, sorting through recipes with me, working out how to add in extra for him & Chaeli-Jade (girly girl) AND he cooked dinner last night AND tonight. OH MY GOODNESS. It was yummy food and he doesn't make half the mess I make in the kitchen. As an added bonus - he re-organised some of my shelves so they are more user friendly - FABULOUS! Then he re-organised the fridge and I LOVE it. Seriously its all happening at my house! Not only am I winning with weight loss but I am winning in lots of other areas too. Who knew? God Bless ya Michelle Bridges!

Well friends and fellow compatriots I wish you Godspeed this week and healthy healthy eating with super speed calorie burning.

One more week till its all happening "for real".

Nighty Night!
Tarryn :-)

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