Thursday, February 24, 2011

A way of life

Hey team!

This exercise thing is slowly slowly becoming "normal" - when I wake up I am straight into my exercise gear ready! After school drop off it is straight to the gym. I love it! I love it that the receptionist knows me now - I am starting to feel like I belong. 

3 weeks ago I felt like a freak show when I entered the gym - I attributed this to so many things! I am chubby (read overweight), I am puffing just walking around the gym and then there are the "clicky" gym-goers or "stuck-up" gym-goers as well as me feeling that I just don't understand the whole "wanting to be at gym" sickness ;-) This has changed! Since I committed in my head & my heart and have followed through with my actions I actually totally feel as if I belong! Did the "clicky" or "stuck-up" gym goers change? Nope. I have changed. My mind has changed, my perspective has changed, my actions have changed. Some of the "clicky" gym goers have turned out to be the loveliest ladies and the "stuck-up" gym goers have welcomed me, chatted to me & been genuinely happy to see me again the next time.They are not clicky or stuck up at all, some of them were me once upon a time! My self -confidence was so so so very low, but each day I am getting more self-confident, I am believing in myself more & more each day. I am seeing how the positive changes I am making with gym & healthy eating are changing the inner me. I am changing from the inside out. I feel like I belong! And it feels good! 

Yesterday I did another double session. A boxing class followed by a cycling class - Same instructor - Frank. I enjoyed the cycling so so much. He has an amazing way of encouraging & pushing everyone - me included! I burned up a 1000calories in no time. I was absolutely exhausted afterwards and had to have a 1 hour sleep when I got home as I could not even function - my body was in shut down mode! Today I did a 30 minute cycle and then a Body Balance class. I am happy to report I didn't fall over once this time - my first attempt had me literally falling over, rolling over and sliding everywhere - what a distraction for the other participants who were gracefully lunging, balancing, feeling peaceful... This time I was still not graceful but I didn't fall over and actually felt I stretched my muscles out and feel peaceful. Big Thumbs up.

Tomorrow I am back to PUMP and can't wait for the instructor to push me through my paces - my triceps are soooo week I am going to really push it tomorrow!!

I am praying that I will start to get more energy soon soon soon as I am feeling very fatigued at the moment - but I am going to keep pushing on at the gym!

Go well friends lets rock this transformation challenge!



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