Thursday, February 10, 2011

Look what you girls made me do!!!

Hey team! Look what you guys made me do!!! 

I woke up feeling really unwell which is normal when you have autoimmune diseases but I had a bad nights sleep too so felt very sorry for myself this morning (in Australian terminology - a sook). 

Some excuses seemed to start coming up, some in my head and one from a friend who called and said "oh shame , poor you, dont push yourself" and then I kept getting messages from some of my weight loss group friends popping up on my iphone about how much exercise they had done, cals burnt (some of you are absolute machines!) etc and so forth -  and I was like - "Hell girl, get your trainers on girl and GET MOVING". SO I did, elliptical trainer plus a dvd - arm / weight exercise and burnt 350 cals. HA in your face excuses ;-) 

This is absolutely Michelle Bridges & YOUR fault. You made me do it! I didnt want to, but you made me. Plus I am accountable to a hard core PT Jenny and she will want a report back and then I would have to post on the 12wbt forum that i had done nothing, so I did something. Something is better than nothing BUT next time I will ensure I do at least 500cals. Grow up girl! 350cals is so January...

One thing I have learned this fine day, is that actually afterwards I was so glad I did it and actually next time I feel ill I will do it again as actually a don't feel any better or worse than when I woke up.

You champions you. Thank you! I especially like all you hardcore 600 - 1000 cal exercise peeps ;-) Sheesh!

Go strong & go hard guys!

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